Most meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday’s of each month.

A Reservation is required to attend.

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Regular monthly meetings are held at The Corner Coworking – 225 Railway St E. Cochrane. Conveniently located just outside of Downtown Cochrane. We are just east of the Carwash Corral and the Cochrane Bottle Depot.


The CBN meetings & events are geared towards the needs of most all business people!

Current learning and topics of interest are offered with the utilization of:

  • Workshops,
  • Special Guest Speakers and
  • Networking!


The CBN is geared towards:

  • New & Future Start Up Businesses,
  • Home Based Businesses,
  • Sales People,
  • Supervisors, Managers,
  • Executives and
  • Business Owners.

Did you know…

In today’s business world, businesses are built on relationships!

The CBN helps you to naturally build & nurture those ever-important trusting relationships!


Future topics will include:

  • Introduction to Networking – Learn how to make it work for you!
  • Elevator Speeches – Learn how to be quick & effective with your message!
  • Social Media for Business – How & Why it works.
  • LinkedIn – The world’s most powerful free online networking tool.
  • Marketing & Advertising – How to get your word out so others will listen!
  • Goals & the Plans to make them attainable for your success.
  • Accounting and Tax Tips for Business.
  • Strategies and techniques for business and sales.
  • What others have done to become successful!


Attend our monthly meetings and special events.
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  • Much more affordable than most any business network.
  • Fees are kept to a minimum to cover our operating & administration costs.
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  • Your Business Cards and/or Brochures. (There will be a table for this).
  • Your Associates, Employees & others who will benefit.

If you are thinking of starting a business in the future…

The timing is perfect for you to join us too!