Be a Farmer not a Hunter

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September 6, 2015
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September 6, 2015

Be a Farmer not a Hunter

Building a DataBase is one of the most important TASKS that you need to work on constantly for your business.

Farming and contacting your DataBase is the next Task that must be done on a regular basis.

Do not leave this for a rainy day when there is nothing left to do because it will never happen. Make this a High Income TASK and a BIG Priority!

If you wait it will make you very sad (and broke)! I have seen this happen too many times & that makes me sad because it doesn’t have to happen!

You see, you can not be a “Secret Agent.”
You must find a way to let people know what it is you do.

Then you must find ways to offer value to them – up front!

If it is not of value to them you are wasting your time and you will be deleted and considered a pest!

In other words and to be blunt… If you do not do this, you will go broke!

So how do you offer (on a regular basis) something of value?

Spend some time and I mean some very valuable time and get a pen and paper and write down what you can do that would be valuable for others.

  • What information do they need?
  • What can you do to help them?
  • What can you give them at little or no cost to you?
  • What can you do that makes you unique in the industry?
  • What can you offer that makes you stand out in a crowd?
  • How do you “WOW” them?
  • What is your real unique value to others?

So it might be that you offer a website for a community, a FaceBook page for a community that shares news, family events or something else on social media? You need something more.

Perhaps on the anniversary of each one of your Home Buyers you offer a FREE Market Analysis to show them what their investment is paying them (equity is buying power). You need more.

Perhaps you have a list of trusted business people that can help your clients when they need to buy something or get something fixed?

Make it even better and develop a “system” so that they get a reduced price through you and you cross market this with other businesses.

Perhaps you host a BBQ each summer for the kids in the area and add in their parents. Thats just one thing.

The list goes on and on.
Use your imagination, come up with things better and more valuable than anyone else has.

Google and see what others are doing.
Think about searching it in another city like Los Angeles or Phoenix.
Try to be unique in your area. Sit in a dark and quiet room and think about this long and hard!

Once people see that you and your business is of value to them (that’s all that counts) and next when they see your name and brand enough, ONLY then, will they think about you.

Better yet, when they begin to think of you this way (valuable & trustworthy) they will begin to refer their friends and relatives to you.
Those who need your services too!

Thats the just the beginning of repeat and referral business.
You need that as soon as possible to build a good profitable business model.

Ask yourself and others “why should they”

  1. Trust you,
  2. Like you,
  3. Want your services and
  4. See you as a valuable contact for them and their associates?


You’ve heard me speak of this before! “Whats In It For Me?”
Think like your consumers and clients think! They all want to know why they should do business with you. They also need a reason to refer others to you and to use your services a second time.

“Once you start and continue building on this with “true perceived value” then your business will start to grow.

If you don’t do this, you will be relying on friends and relatives for your income. Thats not a professional and its a bankrupt business just waiting to happen!

You see its like this, give first and you will receive!
But this only works if “they” see it as valuable.
What you think does NOT matter!

You need to FARM not HUNT!
This is one of the many ways to start doing that.

Happy Capitalism!

NOW – WATCH THIS VIDEO from Richard Robbins, then get to work before you forget or put it on the back – burner!

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